Your PedalSnake System

Low Voltage Method

Adopt our ultimate "one cable only" Low Voltage Method. You will no longer run an AC power cord to your pedals.

STEP 2: Choose your P-Lines To replace your AC power cord. Use P-Line Pigtails.

STEP 3: Choose Your BaseSnake Once you choose your Pigtails, you know how many BaseSnake channels you will need.

In steps 1 and 2, choose your G-Line and P-Line Pigtails to customize your BaseSnake.

STEP 1: Replace Your Guitar Cables

Using G-Line PIgtails Kits, you will be able to configure BaseSnake channels to replace your 1/4" guitar cables.

If you have a single guitar cable from your pedals to your amp input, you can get:

If you have an FX Loop, you can also get:

If you have a footswitch for you amp, to switch channels, etc., you can get:

RS1 Single G-Line (for footswitches with a single MONO 1/4" plug


RS1-TRS Stereo G-Line (for footswitches with a single STEREO TRS 1/4" plug)


NOTE If your footswitch uses a 5pin DIN connector (like a MIDI plug), use the white 5wire channel of your BaseSnake

It you have a MIDI cable, you can:

Use the white 5wire channel of your BaseSnake, it functions as a standard MIDI cable

STEP 2: Choose Your P-Lines

One P-Line for Each Power Supply

Most folks require only 9V for powering their pedals. Proper application of discrete power supplies can work great (we have lots of helpful info about cost-effective power). Power chains allow you to use fewer power supplies and P-Lines. If you have pedals that require other voltages, you need P-Lines for those power supplies too. See Pedal Voltages.

Use Dual P-Lines

These can save BaseSnake channels and cost. Dual P-Line Pigtails available are MF2, MF2-I, and MM2-I.

Use the White 5wire Channel for Higher Current Pedals

Larger Hi Current Pedals should use the MF1-H Single P-Line on the white 5wire channel. This will make a Hi Current P-Line.

Power Supplies with Isolated Outputs

You can move board-mounted supplies with isolated outputs to the backline, and preserve any isolation you need by running their outputs thru P-Lines.

Strymon supplies are particularly well-suited for PedalSnake, because all of their outputs are capable of a hefty 500mA, so you can power chain pedals on any output w/o overload. Below we show an efficient use of P-Lines, while preserving all important isolation.

For more help with P-Lines, see Choosing and Using P-Lines.

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STEP 3: Choose Your BaseSnake

You can choose your BaseSnake now, based upon how many Pigtails you chose above.

How many channels do you need?
  • You need one channel for each G-LIne and P-Line Pigtail that you chose above.

  • You also need a channel for each footswitch line, MIDI line, etc. that can use a bare 5pin DIN channel.

NOTE All channels have 5pin DIN connectors, but only the white channel has 5wires. The rest have 3.

  • Choose 4- or 7-channel models, each with 18 and 24 foot options.

4M18 BaseSnake 4 channels, 18 feet

4M24 BaseSnake 4 channels, 24 feet

7M18 BaseSnake 7 channels, 18 feet

7M24 BaseSnake 7 channels, 24 feet

If you need help, refer to BaseSnakes Info.

Good luck! We have plenty of helpful info about P-Lines and power. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns.

You can also fill out and return Your Rig Questionnaire, and we'll show you what you need to customize your own PedalSnake System.

And remember, PedalSnake offers a 30 Day Return Policy. So if you are not totally satisfied, you can return your system for a full refund (minus shipping). This also gives you 30 days to tweak things and see if you need to trade out any parts for others.


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