BaseSnakes and Pigtails

Every PedalSnake® System starts with a configurable multi-channel BaseSnake cable, used to reach from pedals to amp. BaseSnake channels (with male DIN plugs) can be used by themselves, or with 2 kinds of Pigtail Kits, which can be plugged into channels to customize your PedalSnake System.

Use BaseSnake Channels 3 Ways

By Themselves  

All channels terminate in 5pin DIN plugs (like MIDI plugs). So used by themselves, bare BaseSnake channels can replace MIDI cables, footswitch lines with DIN connectors, etc.

For more see BaseSnake Info.

With G-Line™ Pigtail Kits

G-Line™ Pigtail Kits (GuitarLines) plug into BaseSnake channels to make 1/4” guitar lines. These can then be used to carry guitar signals, like regular guitar cords, or for 1/4" footswitch lines, to switch channels on your amp, turn effects on and off, etc. Mono, stereo, and dual (2 mono lines from one channel) are available.

For more see G-Line Pigtails Info.

With P-Line™ Pigtail Kits

P-Line™ Pigtail Kits (PowerLines) with standard 2.1mm power connectors (like Boss, Dunlop, etc.), plug into BaseSnake channels to carry power to pedals from power supplies. If you adopt PedalSnake's Low Voltage Method ("one cable only"), you move your power supplies to the backline, and no longer have to run an AC power cord out to your pedals.

For more see P-Line Pigtails Info.

Pigtail Features

  • Pigtails come in 2-Pack Kits—one for each end of a BaseSnake Channel.
  • Each Pigtail is 15” long
  • All Pigtails have female 5pin DIN connectors, to plug into BaseSnake channels.

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