About Custom PedalSnakes

For special needs, Custom PedalSnake models can be ordered with features not available in standard BaseSnakes. Most Custom PedalSnakes are ordered because the customer needs:

A 7pin MIDI line (7wire channel). This is a common footswitch cable on Mesa amps (and a few others).

To get a BaseSnake longer than 24 feet (you can get up to 30 feet with Custom).

To get XLR lines (although it is fairly easy to modify an RS1-TRS Stereo G-Line Pigtail (2-Pack) to have XLR connectors, then use it to configure a standard BaseSnake channel.

Find out more about how to order a Custom PedalSnake:

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Custom Options List

  • Order lengths from 4 to 30 feet
  • Order up to 8 channels for use with Pigtails, MIDI, footswitches, etc.
  • Order any mix of right-angle or straight plugs on 1/4" mono G-Lines.
  • Order stereo 1/4" Lines (TRS)
  • Order XLR Lines for direct boxes and mic's

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Custom Channel and Line Type List

DIN Channels
(see BaseSnake Channels)
Pairs Used
5pin DIN, 3 pins wired. Configurable with Pigtails.
5pin DIN, 5 pins wired. Configurable with Pigtails.
7pin DIN, 7 pins wired. NOT configurable with Pigtails. 7pin MIDI, 7pin footswitches.

Hardwired G-Lines


Pairs Used
right angle 1/4" plug at Pedal End, straight at Amp End
straight 1/4" plug at Pedal End, straight at Amp End
right angle 1/4" plug at Pedal End, right angle at Amp End
straight 1/4" plug at Pedal End, right angle at Amp End
straight stereo 1/4" plug (TRS: tip, ring. sleeve) at both ends

XLR Lines


Pairs Used
Female XLR at Pedal End, male at Amp End.
Male XLR at Pedal End, female at Amp End.

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Ordering Custom 1/4" GuitarLines (G-Lines™): Get them Two Ways

You have a two choices when choosing 1/4" G-Lines on your Custom PedalSnake:

Configure a Channel

Make a 1/4" G-Line (GuitarLines) from a 3wire (or 5wire) BaseSnake channel and a G-Line Pigtail 2-Pack


Order your G-Line hardwired and ready-to-go (no Pigtails needed). Choose from 5 types.

This is a "cleaner" option, with no Pigtails involved, but it does not reconfigure easily. So only order hardwired G-Lines that you are sure you will always need.

NOTE Hardwired G-Lines are no more reliable than plug'n'play. They will produce less "extra" cable around your pedals, but G-Lines configured with Pigtails are easily tied off and hidden underneath if you use a Pedaltrain pedalboard.

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Ordering Custom 2.1mm PowerLines (P-Lines™)

Custom P-Lines must be made by configuring a BaseSnake Channel with P-Line Pigtails

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About Fanout Lengths

The fanout lengths you choose with your Custom PedalSnake depend on how far the connections must reach to get to all your gear.

If you have a large pedalboard, you need longer Fanouts at the Pedal End. If you have a rack in addition to your amp at the backline, your Amp End fans may need to be longer.

Remember, fanouts effectively become 15" longer when you add a Pigtail. A Dual Pigtail has a "split" with two 15" lengths, so at the end of your chosen fanout length, you have nearly a 30" spread (from the Dual's split).

It is best to:

  • Get a little extra fanout length. Stretching lines to tightly between gear is not good.
  • Keep fanouts at 36" or less. Long fanouts are hard to coil up, especially if your Custom has many lines and channels. If you need to reach further than 36" to get to all the 1/4" connections in your rig, you may want to consider ordering an extension that stays with the device that PedalSnake connects to.

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Two Custom Cable Types: 4-Pair and 8-Pair

Custom PedalSnake models are made from our proprietary 4- and 8-pair cable (4-pair is shown). Channels and lines are made from the wire-pairs in the multi-pair cable.
  • The number of pairs needed to make your Custom PedalSnake determines which multi-pair cable we use. For a clean look, any unused pairs are cut off and go unseen. They are hidden under the Pedal End and Amp End shrink tube labels.
Example You need 6 pairs to make all your Custom channels and lines. We will use 8-pair cable, and cut 2 pairs of short, where they will remain hidden inside the outer jacket.
  • To calculate the number of pairs you will need, see the table below (or just wait to see your quote from us).

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Order With the Custom Menu

Order by Filling Out and returning our our Custom CS Menu.  

  • As with standard BaseSnakes, it does not hurt to plan for a bit more length and a few more channels than you need right now. Rigs tend to change. We recommend at least one spare channel.
  • We recommend at least one 5wire channel. They come in handy for special functions. Even if you don't need it now, you may one day.

All Custom Sales are Final

Before ordering a Custom PedalSnake, please be sure you are familiar with PedalSnake and the info at this site. You can contact us if you need help.

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PedalSnake® is the trademark name for Stage Magic's All-in-One Pedal Cabling Solution. Copyright © 2012 Stage Magic, Inc.