Your PedalSnake System

Replace Amp-Pedal Cabling Only

Use this page if you wish to keep a power supply mounted on your pedalboard, and consolidate all your other cables into your PedalSnake System. With this method, you continue to run the AC power cord.

What You Can Get

You will only need a standard 4 channel BaseSnake. Choose from:

4M18 BaseSnake 4 channels, 18 feet

4M24 BaseSnake 4 channels, 24 feet

If you have a simple guitar cable from your pedals to your amp input, you can get:

RS1 Single G-Line Pigtail

If you have an FX Loop, you can also get:

RS2 Dual G-Line Pigtail

If you have a footswitch for you amp, to switch channels, etc., you can get:

RS1 Single G-Line (for footswitches with a single MONO 1/4" plug)


RS1-TRS Stereo G-Line (for stereo audio, or footswitches with a single STEREO TRS 1/4" plug)


NOTE If your footswitch uses a 5pin DIN connector (like a MIDI plug), use the white 5wire channel of your BaseSnake

It you have a MIDI cable, you can:

Use the white 5wire channel of your BaseSnake, it functions as a standard MIDI cable

If you wish to upgrade to our "one cable only" Low Voltage Method (below), you can do that at any time. We highly recommend it—nothing really compares. Most players do switch eventually. This is part of the beauty of the PedalSnake's configurable design. It is lifetime investment that changes whenever you wish to change.

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